John Dough

Yeast Gone Wild

Texan Bread

The Bread:

Padre Island Beach Buns (weenie wrappers)

Rio Pecos Ranch Biscuits (sunrise heaven)

Pedernales Texas Clouds (divine little puffs)

Pasadena Swiss Fondue (kirsch, cheese, & bread all in one)

Davis Mountain Energy Bread* (survivor style)

Corsicana Italian Peasant Bread

Chipotle Nacho Bastards* ( flame throwers)

Temple Tea Sandwich Pullman Loaf 

Dime Box Main Street Texas Toast

Boerne Gruyere Melt Sourdough

Gruene Salami & Smoked Provolone

Enchanted Rock Apple Cheddar Deluxe

Mustang Island Feral Chile Croutons (make salads rock)

Galveston Walnut Fig & Ricotta

Crawford Presidential  Fresh Yellow Corn Parmesan Scones

Clear Lake Cheddar Pancetta Ciabatta

Matagorda Wild Texas Toast

Alice Reuben Rolls

Guadalupe Pear & Maytag Blue Cheese (Wow!)

Dalhart Buckwheat Walnut

Bee Caves  Apple Almond Honey Buns

Port O'Connor Crab Sticks*

Rockport Grillin' Disk (pizza on the grill)

Marfa Carb-Lights*

Big Bend Chipotle Black Bean

Houston Honey Oat

Big Dallas Sourdough

Moscow Black Russian Rye (Fennel & Caraway)

Freeport Kalamata Assiago Oregano Fougasse

Angleton Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno

San Antonio Senor Semolina

Fort Worth Whole Wheat

Panna Maria Polish Onion Rye (no caraway)

Austin Chocolate Truffle Babka (think Seinfeld special)

Corpus Christi White Chocolate Truffle Babka (Heaven)

Baylor Pesto & Smoky Mozz (school colors)

Beaumont Brick Oven Bread*

Brownsville Beastburger Buns (it's your game)

Guadalupe Breakfast Rafts (sourdough waffles)

East Texas Spiked Epi

Lost Maples Praline Babka (and you thought you knew Babka)

Fredericksburg Peach-N- Blackberries *(walk on the wild side)

Amarillo Lime-n-Dilla  Rye

Paris Texas Pain Au Lait

El Paso 1015 Onion Viennese Rolls (OMG)

Del Rio Raisin Walnut & Granny Smith

Mount Olive  Extra Virgin Oil Turbans (roasted garlic flavor)

Laredough Ficelle

Galveston Island Sea-salt Focaccia (Paninni)

Abilene Apple Pecan Praline

Smithville Seeded SourWheat

Hill Country Campagna

Orange Cranberry Sweetness (it's pink)

Uvalde Garlic Sour Strips*

Round Rock Rosemary Torpedo*

Beeville Picante Tres Cheese

Zapata Queso Chile

Gonzales Gold Toast*

Coke County Ciabatta

Palo Pinto Bean Bread*

Hemphill Sprouted Seed Bread (it's your diet bread)

Montalba Herbcrusty Baguette

Flatonia Flatbread

Plainview Stollen (take it and run)

Lajitas Kalamata Olive (Not a tostada not a pizza)

LaGrange "Ranch Slippers"  Ciabatta

Port Lavaca Nori Shrimp Toast* (Nippon)

Shiner Beer Bread

Sabine River Rye (Mustard Dill)

Kerrville Tequila Lime & Salt (beautiful flatbread)

Poteet Pumpkin Spice*(Can't wait till Fall)

Goliad Roasted Garlic

Utopia Sauerkraut Rye

 Colorado Cherry Rio*

Rio Grande Granola Crunch

Luling I-1O Grain

Long Horn Sour Cream Corn Bread*

Lone Star Sun Tomato & Herb

Falfurrias Fougasse ala John Dough* (Classic)

Pan Handle Pete Corn Rockets*(perfect with red beans and rice)

Heart of Texas Sweetbread* (changes every season)

Rio Grand Valley Cheese-N-Chile *

Hondo Chile Mole Dippers*(plunge into a cool ranch dip)

McAllen Mexican Cheese Fougasse

Palestine Golden Raisin Challah (pull-a-parts)

Waco Date&Nuts Scones

Weslaco Crasins & Orange Scones

Lubbock Onion Bacon & Romano Twist (knock out bread sticks)

Freer Black Powder Pound Cake (lemon zest & poppy seed)

all rights reserved 9-1-2004

Made from custom milled, identity retained wheat never bleached, never bromated. Organic natural whole wheat and Yeast Gone Wild from the John Dough sourdough starter. Yeast was captured in the wilds of Texas

AS always everything made with pure all natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial anything.

 Sea salt used here.

* these particular breads will be the last ones to get R&D because of the time consuming work it takes to develop. Unless someone out there can help by donating some ingredients and kitchen time.