Here is some pictures of the wedding cake my daughter and I put together.

Elle putting pearl apricot dust on fondant

Elle putting more dust on fondant.

Bottom cake with fondant in place and ready to finish next layer.

Layers 2, 3, & 4 plus grooms cake ready for finishing.

Fondant rolling work surface, greased and ready.

3rd layer finished and ready to travel.

Layers 2 and 3 ready to travel. Bottom layer in background.

Sweet Elle working on the grooms cake tuxedo with chocolate fondant.

Grooms cake finished except flower goes on other lapel.

First stacking of layers at reception, much adjusting needed to get level before party.

Some leveling plus addition of flowers into hidden vases with water to keep flowers alive.

Final of flower arrangement.

The end of cake making, now it's time to to eat.


The each layer of the cake was soaked with a different  flavoring and different coating. Each layer was also pre-frosted with a butter cream frosting. Pastry cream was used in two of the cake layers. As raspberry sauce or apricot jam was used on the other two layers. Every layer was soaked with a liquor spiked simple syrup with a different liquor in each cake layer. Then as each layer was added the fondant was rolled out and placed on top. Each fondant covering, except chocolate, was covered with a special pearl dust hand rubbed into the fondant. After assembly a wedding cake topper was placed on the cake.



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