Garden 2007

The New Garden

Planning new gardens and green areas of the Jungle.

There was a hard freeze February 2007, and an even harder freeze in 2010. Not much left in the potted plants arena after last freeze. Lost every plumeria on property, perhaps 30 plants some have trunks up to 5" thick.

2004                                                                                2007

Wow it's been raining for weeks and the weeds are getting taller than the tomato plants. June 2007. Fast forward to May 2010 and it's been dry for 6 weeks with only one day of rain.


Well it snowed. 2004

Plumeria and snow.

Fern and snow.

    Mail order Seeds of Change catalogue delivery box. Elephant Leaf.

Start Date October 15, 2004.

After many short discussions about what plants and what areas of the jungle needed to be reworked, the collecting of some plants has begun. I am going to pick up some banana trees that actually will produce bananas you can eat. The current ones that grow and spread are ornamental only and other than looking pretty are worthless.

this is one of the bananas from the plants I am getting.

This banana finally turned yellow and I feasted on it today.  Nov. 3.  It was triangle in shape (if cross cut) but tasted very good.

Another view with a shotgun shell as a size comparison. The plants are here, I dug them up and transported them to their new home. The full grown ones were 12 to 15 feet tall maybe even taller with bases nearing 10" in diameter. Can't wait to get them in the ground.

One of the two plants went into a large tub waiting for landscaping to happen. 2010 update this sweetie made it through the freeze.

Larger of new banana plants went into the ground in back of lot. During summer months it gets full sunlight.

Along the west side the large old hedge of flowering wax leaf ligustrum are going to go. I need to dig out the roots and install the remainder of the French drain system to control excess water during Houston's heavy rains. Then a new fence and plantings are to follow. I want to plant a few Giant Timber Bamboo (75-100' tall with 4>10" canes) and some of the new banana trees in their place. This should open up the drive area in front of the garage for multi-purpose uses like BBQ and creative projects. Maybe even take projector outside for outdoor watching of Basketball play-offs etc. (yes, Rockets going to the play-offs in 2005.)bamboo forest

I hope to convince my bro that we should use the far back yard area as a nursery only and stop trying to grow vegetables there. In the green house I think a new citrus  or two should be in ground planted and kept pruned to provide a harvest of oranges and lemons.

The ferns have overgrown their designated zone and need severe cut backs.

There is a dire need for a mulching machine ( chipper-shredder) to grind up the huge amount of green and woody compost piles and open up those areas for plantings.



PineappleAvocadoThe papaya tree is easy to maintain

pineapple 2005


upper half of Avocado behind kitchen, now about 12 feet tall.

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