Happy Birthday!




Eighteen and much wiser!

3-13-2004 I sincerely wish you the happiest day of your life so far. This will be the beginning of the best years of your life. The discoveries you will be having in the next five years will be more than all of the experiences you have had up to now. You have made it through high school (as of June 2), become a woman, and made your Dad a very happy and proud father. Remember what got you this far;  "Is this choice really good for me and my future?" You will know the answer, and I trust you will make the right decisions. But, call me if you ever need or want my opinion or guidance through difficult choice or anything else, I would love to help.

with all my love,

Your Father (see below)

we wish you a happy birthday, too.

You'll be nineteen in a few weeks. What do you want for your birthday?