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Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

Bret Austin


Smiling Bret

Pineapple 2005

Bird of Paradise growing in front of greenhouse 9-4-2004

Elle and her new friend.

Nasa photo index

John & Edwena Lipstate, Elle Gound, Perry Gound,  May 2008


aurora near Houston October 29, 2003 one above and one below.

Snow Dec. 2004 Galveston, Texas

Bush's Whitehouse

Degree in Hand, May 2008

Elle's Nemo Pumpkin Halloween 2003

HollyWood Reporter

May 2003

Washington Beltway

Chicago Sun-Times

Scottie G. Gound, my Dad

Mother and her children

Drudge Report

Never tell her "No."

Bethany Hamilton,

Worlds Best young female surfer lost an arm to a shark on Halloween day off the Kauai Hawaii coast.

Our wishes for a speedy recovery go out to her.

The Sun UK

Johns' Sourdough Ciabatta

LA Times



Scottie & Edwena Gound family around 1962


Odd Party Girl (Your backyard?)


Gary & Karen (cousin & sweet wife)

No, that's not Karen in picture of "party girl", is it?

Taylor White & his RedFish.

Taylor's redfish in 68 qt. cooler, fish is now mounted and hanging on his wall at his home