Some facts on our name:

An area called Smokytown existed just north of Washington Ave near Shepherd circa 1922. Umami is considered the 5th taste which is called Savory. Tejas is Caddo Indian for "friends" also a region that is today Texas and Au Go Go was wild and crazy night club from the sixties located in NYC. And so this place is a mix of all those things. Now lets eat.

This is just an outline of what I would like to produce for my patrons and friends, no doubt it will flow with the tide: I could include a California Shake, Alaskan Glacial Icee,

Umami's Smokytown

Tejas au Go Go

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Vida La Viva

Best of the Baja + finest of New Orleans equals the

Gulf Coast Fish Taco / Slider*


Blackened Gulf of Mexico filet of fresh fish

Spicy Cajun le crema' sauce

Red cabbage slaw

Corn/flour tortilla* or a toasted Pain au Lait bun


Korean BBQ Taco


Tejas au Go Go Korean Bul Kogi style short rib

Korean flavorings and spices

Asian slaw

Flour Tortilla or a toasted Pain au Lait bun


South Texas Cochinita Pibil Taco / Yucatan Slider*


Smoked shredded Texas pork

Pickled red onion

Yucatan Woohoo sauce

Corn tortilla or on a toasted Pain au Lait bun


Pecan Smoked Brisket Slider


Chopped succulent Texas beef brisket

Toasted pain au lait bun

BBQ sauce available

Sliced red onion

Jalapeno slices

Hot sweet Famous Dave's pickle chips


Tejas au Go Go Goi Cuon

spring rolls for us Texans


Pork/fish/beef (you must choose)

rice or soy wrapper

rice noodles

basils, mints, cilantro and who knows what else.

Dipping sauce


Wagyu Slider


Fresh ground Wagyu beef (Wagyu is genetically equal to Kobe Beef)

Toasted pan au lait bun

Leaf lettuce

Texas 1015 sweet onion

Famous Dave's Hot sweet pickle chips

Dijon Mustard or home made mayo


Tejas au Go Go Very Personal Pizza Pie

Made in our wood-fired pizza oven


Fresh made daily pizza dough

chef's choice toppings

Artisanal real cheeses

Homemade sauces


Fire Grilled Salmon Slider


Freshest available Salmon grilled over an open flame

Toasted pan au lait bun

Indian sauce**

Leaf lettuce


Umami's Porkalicious Ribs


Perfectly smoked spice rubbed pork ribs

Sauce on the side


*slider comes on a toasted pain au lait bun

** Indian sauce, like a Greek tzatziki sauce, I experienced at the Worlds Fair in Vancouver BC in 1986. These Native Indian dudes were making these fresh caught salmon filet sandwiches grilled over open flame, on toasted buns and with a delicious dill/cucumber sauce. We could not get enough of these, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Their bun was very good, but our bun is even better.

All  Tejas au Go Go food is as fresh, pure and clean as possible. If we can't get the quality we require we will not make that menu item on that day. We hope you understand. We are conscience of food miles and how quality suffers when the mileage is significant. That's why we will always source locally if at all possible.


Every cup/plate/tissue  is compostable as is the flatware. Please use our trash containers so we can recycle it.


No preservatives. Using all fresh ingredients, fresh daily, requires no preservatives, we make it, you buy it, you eat it. Repeat daily, end of story, .


Tejas au Go Go Sides

 Local market veggies, Kettle Chips, Chipotle pico de gallo, and a variety of fresh daily sauces, like Asian dipping sauces, Mexican salsas, & Mediterranean sauces.

Of which might include mango, pineapple, tomatillo, avocado, peanuts, coconut, we won't know until we go to the market.


Tejas au Go Go Fluids

Real sugar soft drinks, Green tea ice tea or Wu Yi ice tea, Pure spring water, or Ice Cold Texas Beer (No diet crap and no high fructose corn syrup)


Tejas au Go Go guidelines and reasonable thoughts:


Don’t Mess With Texas


Drink responsibly and Drive carefully


Respect the Earth, it's not just about you it's about everybody, now and for future generations


We’ll be back, We hope you will be, too. Follow us on and Blogspot


Fact: Your future starts now.


Fact: Smile more. Live longer.


Fact: Climate change is natural in earth’s evolution. We're in a cooling period now, so are the rest of the planets all caused by the Sun.


The chef likes his food Tejas hot, so speak up if you are sensitive but at least try it first.  Maybe the chef can tame it down a little for you. He has secrets you know.

Welcome to Texas

the gulf coast

Space City

It's not rocket science

it's from the heart

with love and passion

The company retains all rights to this menu and design. Don't Tread On Me