Irina and Ken Gound

Married on October 4th, 2005

Wedding Reception October 8th

Ken's ring

Some pictures of the reception, others will follow as film and digital ones are sent from  those who took them. Thank you to all who came, enjoyed, and shared that wonderful day with us.

Happy couple celebrating their new life and future.

Wedding CakesGrooms Cake

These were taken by Casey: Taken with a disposable digital camera (Ritz)

Here is a few from Elle: These are huge pictures, 4.3 megapixels each

We have almost been married a month. It's Halloween night, 2005 and we're still in love. Da!

December 2006

Amal and Mom Christmas 2006

Wedding Ring

My ring was lost at work. This is new my new one, it means even more to me now than before.

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